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Dr. Aryan Abedini

Love Dental
The Problem

Dr. Aryan Abedini signed up with the Practice Launchpad while he was in the Navy and looking for a practice to purchase. He faced challenges during the process, including evaluating over 40 prospectuses and almost finalizing a purchase that fell through due to financial irregularities. After consulting with our coaches he decided to pivot to a startup, which even with bumps in the road, turned out to be the best decision. 

One problem they faced was when Dr. Abedini recognized the potential of a front desk candidate, who asked for a higher salary than initially planned.

The Solution

The coaches advised Dr. Abedini to meet her salary expectations, but also give her additional responsibilities and appoint her as an Operations Manager (OM) with a growth mindset. This decision proved to be highly beneficial as the candidate excelled in her role.

Their Results

Dr. Aryan Abedini's partnership with Dr. Green and Dr. Dhoon proved to be a game-changer throughout the entire process. Their expert guidance and unwavering support empowered Dr. Abedini to make informed choices in running his practice. These impactful decisions echoed throughout the office, leading to a positive office culture, streamlined workflows, and the successful establishment of robust systems.

The Smile Studio

I'm so thankful we hired them prior to opening - I don't even think we would be open right now if we didn't have them on our team.

Dr. Rana Sweis
Practice Name

Practice Launchpad helped save me a lot of money and helped reduce a lot of stress through the middle and the finish of the startup process.

Dr. Darwin Ferng
Timber Dental

My name is Dr. Andrei and I've been a client of The Practice Launchpad. Welcome to my office! It's super exciting and fulfilling to show you what's going on inside.

Dr. Andrei Ionescu
Exquisite Dentistry

I learned so much from two packed days of some amazing talks from some very knowledgeable people. The Practice Launchpad coaches have so much knowledge between them, but they also have some great speakers from different industries aimed at helping dentists build their practices as efficiently as possible. I think my only complaint with the course is the name. It's not just a masterclass for startups. It's for all aspects of practice management . I would gladly attend this course repeatedly throughout my career because there's always room for improvement and there's a million little tips to be gained. Even if someone could attain the level of efficiency and success of the coaches, there's so much to learn from the other attendees that I don't ever see such a course being anything other than an amazing investment.What really blew me away is the generosity displayed by everyone there. All anyone wanted to talk to me about is how to make my practice better and my life easier. Can't wait for next year!

Sanjay Talluri, DDS
Hamilton Town Dentistry

The Practice Launchpad was an amazing event. Very high level, valuable information condensed into two days. It’s not one of those boring CE events where there’s a ton of fluff and vendors just trying to sell you on their product or service, but actual genuine people that want to help you get a better understanding of the process of starting a new practice, or in my case, expanding my existing practice to a new facility. It definitely gave me the confidence to move forward with my project without worrying that I’m making a ton of mistakes. Highly recommend for anyone looking to either start a new practice or build a new facility, unless you love stress and wasting money.

Greg Hopkinson, DDS

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