Get a glimpse at the resources our coaches have produced to help doctors achieve their practice ownership faster and with fewer headaches along the way.

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The Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes is one of the most listened-to dental podcasts in the country. But this isn’t your typical dental podcast. With tens of thousands of listeners a month, Mark provides his listeners with topics ranging from business, marketing, services, motivation, and entertainment.

Plus, listen to Mark interview big names outside the dental world including Astronaut Clayton Anderson, Athlete Ben Greenfield, Author Ryan Holiday, and more!

Dental Startup List

Dentists often ask for a comprehensive list of all the items they need to outfit their practice. We have streamlined that process for you under “shop dental startup”. We have prebuilt kits for all the little things that you could buy on Amazon and save money on (at no additional cost to you).

If you’re not interested in any of the preselected items, we have provided a checklist of items you’ll need in your office. We understand there are many random lists out there that have tried to accomplish the same thing, but these are products that we actually use and have had success with. To your success!

The Practice Launchpad

Our passion for learning, connecting, and self-improvement has allowed us to come together to share our experiences, best practices, and love of dentistry with other growing dentists. We will discuss topics like lease negotiation, impactful CE investments, dental practice start-up tips & so much more!

Event Exclusive Resources

Resources you'll receive at our next event or private coaching.

Document Vault Manual

This 700+ page comprehensive workbook outlines each step of the startup and acquisition process. An absolute must-have for every ambitious dental practice owner, providing unparalleled guidance and essential knowledge.

Four Futures Journal

Use this journal to bring happiness, meaning, health, and wealth to your life. Each day has a journaling meditation to help you become the best version of yourself.

Dental Startup Masterclass

A PowerPoint booklet that covers each topic throughout our 2-day course. Designed for easy visual reference, this invaluable resource serves as a trustworthy guide even after the event concludes. This is also powerful to use in conjunction with the Document Vault.

The Eminently Qualified Dentist

A reference guide for ambitious dental practice owners seeking to level up their mastery in life and business. Drs. Reed and Green combine decades of experience leading teams, problem solving, taking risks, learning from mistakes, and filtering it through a lens of practicality never before delivered to the profession.

The Complete Dental Assistant Manual

his book provides resources and systems to hire the right people, onboard them into a perfect system, and continue training them up to be a great dental assistant.

The Practice Launchpad

Insights From The Experts: Unraveling The Complexities Of Practice Ownership

Dr. Chris Green and Dr. Taher Dhoon started The Practice Launchpad as a way to help fellow dentists on their journey toward practice ownership. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s hard to know where to start, who to trust, and what to believe. This book provides best practices for each step of dental practice ownership, including insights from respected experts in dentistry.

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