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Our startups average 75+ new patients per month and $1 million in revenue. Achieve your goals with industry insight with dentists who’ve mastered the art of practice ownership and will teach you everything you need to know through 1:1 coaching. Ready to get started?

Dental Startup Masterclass
San Diego
October 27th & 28th
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 Industry Experts.

Elevate your practice. Transform your life.

You chose to be a practice owner because you want to run your practice on your own terms. But running a business, practicing dentistry, and having a healthy work-life balance feel nearly impossible.

That’s where The Practice Launchpad comes in. Our coaches are leaders in the dental industry who have transformed countless start-ups and acquisitions. As dentists themselves, our coaches offer practical guidance so you focus on what you love – being a dentist. No more headaches, no more confusion, it’s time to get started.

Why Choose Practice Launchpad?

Typical Dental Startup

$750,000+ Cost
17 Month Process
65% Overhead
<20 New Patients/Month
$500,000 1st Year Revenue 

Practice Launchpad Startups

$600,000 Cost
9-Month Process
45% Overhead
75+ New Patients/Month
$1 Million+ 1st Year Revenue  

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San Diego


Dental Startup


October 27th & 28th

Meet the Coaches

Dr. Mark Costes
16 Successful Dental Practices
8 Million Podcast Downloads
Dental Business Thought Leader
Dr. Taher Dhoon
500% Growth Acquisition
Building 18-Op Facility 
10 All-on-X Arches/Month 
Dr. Chris Green
Revenue: $1,361,0000
New Patients: 1,294 in Year 1
Project Cost: $460,000

Get your ticket for
San Diego


Dental Startup


October 27th & 28th

San Diego Dental Startup
Master Class

Dr. Aryan Abedini
Love Dental

Client Experience

“They’ve saved me thousands of dollars, every step of the way”

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The Smile Studio

"I'm so thankful we hired them prior to opening - I don't even think we would be open right now if we didn't have them on our team."

Dr. Rana Sweis
Creekside Premier Dental

"Practice Launchpad helped save me a lot of money and helped reduce a lot of stress through the middle and the finish of the startup process."

Dr. Darwin Ferng
Timber Dental

"My name is Dr. Andrei and I've been a client of The Practice Launchpad. Welcome to my office! It's super exciting and fulfilling to show you what's going on inside."

Dr. Andrei Ionescu

The Practice Launchpad

Insights From The Experts: Unraveling The Complexities Of Practice Ownership

Dr. Chris Green and Dr. Taher Dhoon started The Practice Launchpad as a way to help fellow dentists on their journey toward practice ownership. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s hard to know where to start, who to trust, and what to believe. This book provides best practices for each step of dental practice ownership, including insights from respected experts in dentistry.

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Practice Guidance.
 Industry Experts.