In this episode of the The Practice Launchpad Podcast, we re-release an episode that featured Dr. Chris Green and Dr. Taher Dhoon on Dr. Costes well-known Dentalpreneur podcast (episode 520). Both past guests on the Dentalpreneur Podcast, we had the privilege to join Dr. Mark Costes and discuss the launch of The Practice Launchpad podcast. In addition, we discuss with Dr. Costes our early growth and success as well as failures and obstacles along the way. Dr. Costes asks us some tactical questions. We also share a link to our “Super GP playbook” which is a great resource for ambitious dentists early in their career (see below).

During our chat with Dr. Costes we discuss:

  • Building a solid culture that
    serves as the foundation for an exceptional dental practice
  • The how and why behind hiring
    slow and firing fast when building you’re A-Team
  • The importance of surrounding
    yourself with people who enhance your skillset
  • The first steps in practice
    acquisition and start-up
  • Good versus bad debt and how
    banks determine your credit worthiness

Make sure to go to to pick up your free copy of the “Super GP Playbook” and check out The Practice Launchpad on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.